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Construction Themed Book Bundles Donated to School Libraries

FORGE Foundation Sparks Excitement for Learning with Construction Book Donations

Embracing the holiday spirit, the FORGE Foundation is thrilled to unveil a heartwarming initiative designed to promote literacy and spark curiosity about the construction world among young minds. This effort, made possible through a generous grant from the International Paper Foundation, involves the donation of construction-related books to multiple elementary school libraries in the Golden Triangle Region. Additionally, each student will receive a specially curated FORGE coloring book, fostering creativity, and providing a delightful, educational experience.

Melinda Lowe, FORGE Executive Director and retired educator, has been reading Christmas-themed construction books to students during the delivery of the book bundles. She blends her love for education with the festive cheer, crafting an experience that is both joyous and unforgettable. According to Lowe, “This infusion of holiday spirit has not only brought the magic of learning to life but has also provided valuable insights into the captivating world of construction sites filled with hard working crews.” Lowe added, “The students have been thoroughly engaged and shown excitement while also learning about excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes, cement mixers, and beyond.”

The FORGE Foundation is committed to making a positive impact on communities by fostering a love for learning and promoting valuable knowledge about skilled trades. This initiative aligns with our mission to empower young minds and build a foundation for a future workforce passionate about construction and its diverse possibilities.